Sunday, August 26, 2012

Shias, please don't read.

Heart broken. I'm just heart broken. I did a research and found out that the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ( I had to copy that from wiki) is Shia too, like the rest of the country he governs over. =( 

He looks pretty badass.
98% of Iran is Shia, and in nature too. 2% is other but among those 2 % a major minor religion is Hinduism. 

I liked him, I really did cause of all that nuclear power and all *I aint taking no shit from you America* but my hopes and dreams are shattered, torn, twisted, wiped off. Oh well, exaggeration innit. He doesn't look as scary to me as the rest of the Shias do. But well, Iran is a scary shit place cause shrines all over and I am personally very scared of Shias.

The thing about Shias is, you can never win an argument from them. Very highly unlikely. Why? They educate their youth with their *majlisay* and all that sorts cause basically their youth needs to have a good faith to beat themselves up in Muharram, innit? Ahah, well not just that, they have facts, the wrong facts because those facts have no proof like no Hadith or reference. Some things are just misunderstandings like the word 'Maula'. To us Sunnis it means a friend, to them it means a master. However, the word has diversity in it since it may mean a slave too. 

The third majority of Shias is present in Pakistan. Aik tau har ghalt cheez Pakistan mei hoti hai. The least in Qatar, you go Qatar! Which reminds me how amazing Qatar has been lately since it's hosting Fifa 2022 InshaAllah. I told my dad I plan to go inshaAllah cause i'll be like 30 then, and he's like you know how much it costs? I replied, 'I've started saving up!' False, I didn't say that cause well, people pay for me. Heeh. 

Today passed pretty weirdly since we went to 3 grocery stores and spent over 300 riyals on literally, nothing but food or junk or detergents shit. Othaim, then Isha break, then  Carrefour in LeMall, then Panda next to the house. I really love our GMC. :* 

Sibgha just made brownies and they seemed undercooked, what I want to try is brownies and Igloo vanilla icecream. Heaven. Which reminds me, I haven't had mint chocolate chip icecream from Baskin-Robbins. 

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