Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where is culture in rape?

I should be studying for my exam on Thursday and it is a major exam so time shan't be wasted but I came across something which really disturbed me, thus I must say.

In a Muslim country, rape is becoming more common as the clock strikes. But does it really matter that a country maybe Muslim or not for rape to occur? Why? I'm a Muslim and I know many other Muslims who say they are but inside they don't even ever pray. Allah is to judge, but religion doesn't even count anymore anywhere really. I do know that as a fact the most popular porn searches are in Pakistan- a nation of the pure? 

Now this post spoke about rape in Karachi, involving women drivers whose vehicles are deliberately crashed into and then they are taken out of the cars and well then gang banged. A comment on that post said oh it is so sad this is happening in a Muslim country. It further added that Pakistani culture is to blame because girls can't have a say, and that they follow whatever the elders say. But what is the Pakistani culture? Girls not being outside alone and that is true. We talk about a Muslim country when the people of that country don't even follow the religion properly? Women aren't allowed to be by themselves because of this reason, because they are weaker than dominating men, because they can easily be swept away from their feet- literally. 

I don't think you can blame the culture. Women with cars aren't the stupid, illiterate 'dhehatis'  we talk about. These women with cars are outspoken. They know their rights. So don't whine about culture. Wearing tight clothes brings them on. What is the hijab for? No, hijab is not a headscarf. It's loose clothes so you're not presenting yourselves to evil eyes. Men are made that way from Allah. It's a test isn't it? Everything is a test. 

I wear a headscarf and believe me, I feel secure to a point. If I were to wear a whole hijab, I'd feel even better. 

Most rapes are brought onto. I do not mean that innocent ones aren't raped, of course they are but majority lies in front of our eyes. Karachi doesn't follow cultures anymore. Karachi is a Dubai and there is no culture there anymore. It's all westernized by Pakistanis themselves.


  1. Well thats an everlasting debate. Its good that you do whatever you feel like for your safety. But the Rape culture is brimming everywhere, not just in Pakistan. Either rapists should be eradicated which is obviously not that easy and if that's not the case, women should take care. Its sad as the world is getting liberal and free, we have to take greater care of ourselves. I wonder if Rape is a symbol of freedom of some wild men..or what? Sometimes I doubt if the people are actually free, liberal..and all that..

    anyway STAY SAFE. <3

  2. yeah its very disturbing to know these kind of news.

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