Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shook Me Up All Night

I slept straight eleven hours today. 8 hours being the usual with the extra 3 I missed on yesterday because of the whole Unit-2-ka-test-ha-Rabia-is-studying-so-much, and of course the guests. (:

So now I'm fresh ready to make a move, with a whole MUG of orange juice and nothing else, I am ready to begin the day for the first time ever, blogging. As, because I've missed on so much waise bhi.

I've grown this new pimple just on my right side, below the nose and a bit above the lip. Ew, I know. But this one is smooth and fresh pink, unlike the other acne attacks I have. I wore a hairband after so long now, not the usual ones but um, something more classy. It makes my hair all up, with no fringe. :O And the hair's rough now, and started to get oily.

Britain developed the first tanks for use during World War I. The word tank was used because it didn’t mean anything, and didn’t give the Germans a clue as to the weapon’s possible use.

I suck at the kitchen man, it's like a foreign world out there. My mum tells me to do something, I have to think for 10 minutes in my mind to analyse what she actually said and then meant by it.
I had a good meal yesterday, came home and as the guests were here, and so there was roasted chicken and biryani. Amazing biryani! With some salad, and orange juice! Ah, and of course how could I forget, fries with some masala. :D In the night, I had haleem and ah naan! Just like right now, except the naan, I like bread after that.

Lunch time with Dubai One. ;)

Phobia: coprastasophobia Fear of: constipation

O lalaaa!

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