Monday, March 30, 2009

• Welcome to the Jungle

So the guests are gone, biology unit tests done, ditching school tomorrow. I wanted to blog SO bad since the last week but thanks to my baby bio, you know the rest. :)

So I miss the guests. Yes, I miss them. Now, the
house is more of a guest-house. ^o) My bunk bed has two of its mattresses missing. Home's not home, though the house is more clean because of the whole thing ke the guests will be like HAW. Itna ganda ghar!

Mama. =)

• ¼

I haven't listened to music in AGES. And now, it's like foreign. Exaggeration. It's called the Nosh Influence. Totally, itna exaggerate karti h

Bathroom time.

So well, I still love the Backstreet Boys. Backstreet's back alrightt
tt. And I have a loose stomach. Ew, I know. I love my laptop, I mean I try to but sometimes, I want a compact, cute, and shiny one. So well, but still my Dell has its own maza in it. :)

Listen I mean it, there's nothing that he's worthy of it.
Just another playa, playing in the name of love.
-Get Another Boyfriend.

Fary keeps on signing in and out of her msn. It's pretty annoying =O And the school kid sammy's pretty similiar. And the grade 3 kids are wow man, and so are my kicks. GO NIKE!

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