Tuesday, April 7, 2009

August Jam Mix

So I'm not exactly addicted, but I blog when I feel like. And that is bad!

I had premocks all this week, and that *thing to blog just drives you crazy, when you have this great biggie to blog, you know. Top that, you need to find the right words when all you've read for the past hour is organic this, organic that. Like pinch of potassium dichromate and dash of potassium manganate. This explains all: =/

So the premocks are like over, except the last three, which are home-tests. One due tomorrow, and I have NO idea about unit 2 of Physics.

Biology's fiiine shine, but still according to Ms. Samina, over confidence is... =/

Ah well, the room's a mess, need to do some *Waves before bed, and I think bed's gonna be a late-comer today.
Yes, Physics thanks to you. =)

Then maybe tomorrow and thursday, I could beat up some unit 2 of Bio. [ major =/ ]
Then-Friday and Saturday, I could do some Chem for my mocks. =/

Ugh, A-levels. :)

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