Tuesday, April 21, 2009


You know how even the most simplest people of all, can be simply very random. So random that you actually like their way of being random.

Like here I am talking about shoes while the next thing I type in is about how my neck's itching...? And how you love the wind gliding through your hair, but just the same wind makes your eyes dry? Especially when you have contacts. *-)

Point is, even those who hate whining and hate those who whine a lot, whine a lot themselves. And that also at irrelevant material. Like how you hate the cement on the streets, the artificial wind from the fan, the plastic glasses, the chlorine in the water. How the tissues damage your skin, how you hate being questioned while you question a lot yourself!

HAH! It's like, duude. Get a L-I-F-E. Either declare yourself right or left, and not both because then you're just a 90

Oh well, I'll probably just hide under the table.


  1. I do find myself from time to time whining about whiney people.
    Can I join you under that table? LOL