Sunday, April 19, 2009


Dum Dum Dee Dee Dum Dum! Yes, I have to decide where I want to go for my university. =( And I have no bloody idea!
Pakistan, um, I don't know. Never lived there, studying there is a long way. -_-
Well, because my dad thinks it's the best option for me [^o)] I have my options there:
1) AMC: Army Medical College
2) Aga Khan
3) KEMC: King Edward Medical School
4) Fatimah Jinnah Women University
5) DOW Medical College
6) I-don't-know.

It's not too late to decide, but my dear fellows; Rija Daniyal and Hajra Nazir freak me out, as if, it's too late. =/

All in all, I want something classy but fun, something good but free, something me but you too.

I need to get in to a good uni, which gives me good chances for my specialization and so a good gynecology degree! *BAH* And THEN life starts. =]

Let fate do it's fair play.

*heads the bed*

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