Monday, April 27, 2009

Do Not Read This

My Life Without Me.
Seems Nice. Looks Nice.
Lindsey Lohan is driving me CRAZY. -_-
Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. ? -___- =//

I'm going crazy. I need RAIN. I need SLEEP. I need SALAD. AND I WANT THIS MOVIE TO END! It's too girlie. =p *yawns* But the music's hip. But why is the father following his daughter and her friend, who are too careless and lost tickets to the so-called 'amazing' concert. =/ And then they're following the 'amazing' singer. BLEGH.

O Em Gee. His name's Wolf and he's sleeping in a trash of garbage.

Remind me to remind Rija to open the wardrobe in the morning. I am tipsy? Lol, no. =D

Oh, he also wants onion rings, and he's in the police station in NYC now. But he sounds British. So now they're going to the party. Nice. It's going to enddddd. =D

Damn, it's 10.20 PM ALREADY! *dies*