Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Shattered Glass

Haiye, so well I never actually wanted to read blogs more than now, and on top of that follow them too. Damn.

So well, I am really really tired of MSN. =/ Like, just cut the leg [=?] So, I'm thinking* to just get off it, and whoever needs me; wall me. =) As I am SO busy with blogspot.

As earlier, I love this blog of this Anna639. It's impressive. It defines her, and somehow defines what I like.

Nosheen's in love with It'sMyLife, which is good, because I love it when people love my posts. Really. I feel special and of course, after years, I disclosed Moochie to the web. =) I feel good, a duty done.

School's off tomorrow, actually we're ditching it and thought it's past midnight, I feel like staying up because I think, right at this spot, life's good. LG!

Sibgha and Manal are busy with their assessments and when they're busy, my mum is so. Papa's more into um, teevee and his bedroom as usual. Mama's sad cause apparently my Mamoo in Dubai has job issues. Bad and very sad. I love him and I love his job, and damn! His house is amaaaazing! On that, he has the best and most amazing collection of perfumes: from Gucci to Yardley[for his wife, duh]. So that's sad, but life moves on though I don't want him to leave Dubai.

I haven't talked a lot about Dubai though, I simply love it, because I had an AMAZING time. I imagined it like the NY streets but turned out to be better. (: (:

I think I love offwhite, since it's so elegant. My dad loved the combo offwhite with vintage-maroon. Images with offwhite and the yellow effects are wow.

Then we have our one and only, Nazia Hassan! NOTHING beats Nazia Hassan. (: Her voice is ah, beauty! Like the calm waves in a stormy ocean. It's a shame Zohaib Hassan changed since her death from the ever-growing cancer. The song I'm just listening to is just wow. That's the word to describe it; wow! *gungunaiye hawa, muskaraiye fiza, chu le jahaan* The music, the simplicity and the love. :)

I think Z. Hassan tried coming back, but he's not the same, it's not the same.They were always together. The love which bonds brothers and sisters. :) Like the one with Nosh and her brother.

Sometimes, it's good to cry out, cry to take out the anger, the rage, the love, the happiness, the fear, the silence. *sunn, merey mehbob sun, meri geetoo ki dhunn* Haiye. :)

And to all those, who think love is only confined to a hot guy and cute girlfriend, you should listen to this and listen to her and find out for yourself where you are mistaken.

[due to sleepiness, ignore any errors]

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