Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yes Or No

Finished with my green tea, video-calling my khala, and my eyes are fixed upon the 100 Riyals which lie just above the permission slip. Farewell or no farewell? Party or no party? Red Onion or something better?

Exactly, 7th of May, my dad's birthday, the same day the Farewell Party for A2 and O'level's class.
Costs= 100 SR
I could save for my ticket to UK which costs like 1800 SR... even a hundred matters.

*sigh* 12.40 AM, khala's disconnected, MBC 3 shows weird Arabic cartoons of... wait, Jackie Chen..? And, khala's back on. I'm sleeepy now, and my hair's so fluffed up. =D
My E66. <3
I finished my green tea.

Damn, it's 12.47 AM now. Damn.

My cousin's searching for my flight ticket and *yawn* I don't care about the Farewell, now.


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