Saturday, May 16, 2009

• Atlantis Is Calling •

- 16. I'm sixteen, 8 months and exactly 4 days old today.
- I have a Physics external in 6 days, 2 and a half hours. Exactly.
- My name begins with a S and ends with a H. Exactly.
- I live in Riyadh, because I have to.
- A hydrometer measures density. It sinks in less dense liquids. Exactly.
- Atlantis is calling. S.O.S. My love.

Really, I ate only six. Truly.


  1. Physics is a favorite of mine, learn the theory the math is simple.

    Beautiful photo as always.

    I must know, when Atlantis calls, do you answer?


  2. Thank you. :)

    Usually, as long as my mood allows me to. =D