Sunday, May 17, 2009

• Struck By Lightning +

Scream your heart out!
Today was an outstanding yet a very surprising day.
I slept at 2 after watching Mind Your Language on youtube on my hawt E66, I wake up at 12. -_- Noon. And after then, I've tried studying. Really, tried man! So well, I made a progress of 18 pages. At 6.50 pm after praying my Magrib I thought of going out with my dad for his regular walk. I thought three times. Either finish Topic 3- Waves, or go out with dad.

I chose the latter.

So well, I'm about to take the first step out of the corridoor and then onto the steps, and *BLAHHHH* lightning. White light. The sky goes all white. ALL WHITE. Next up, me and my dad just smile to each other. =) We get in the car, and more lightning. More expectations. Higher expectations.

What more, the car goes into the driveway of the walking track and we step out. Only drizzling. Slight. I get my cellphone and messaged a friend of how I had ditched physics. Then we walk, me and my dad. And MORE lightning. Blue-white bolts. Sparks. Perfection.

Amazingly, we took a right-turn and there it was. The whole sky to ourself. Amazing it was, I tell you. A loud roar. An even white light. Then a louder roar. I observed physics then, light being faster than sound. I started switching the song on my music player. It was shuffle so we had Up And Down by the Vengaboys, and just then I wanted to dance. So I danced. And suddenly I couldn't see my cell's light because what was more brighter- lightning. Glorious lightning. Even brighter than the sun! I couldn't hear the song anymore, so I thought of enjoying God's player and took off my left headphone. Everything silenced. All now I heard was my Up And Down and the song my dad was listening to- Hips Don't Lie.

Lol, I know. =)

So well, it all hushes. Silent. I planned to put up the left headphone in its place when I heard the loudest thing ever. Really. Ever. I've always been scared of fireworks and the very high-amplitude of them waves. But this, I wanted to listen to it more. And it was so bright and so loud. The drizzle ended and just after 2 seconds it poured to its extreme. A shower of not H20 this time but raindrops with a terminal velocity of 9 m/s because I've been saturated with physics. Actually just started. =p

And then there it was, majestic, glorious, anything can not describe. Nothing was what I needed more. It rained and me and my dad once again smiled at each other. This one was wider.

The best we could do was to let it rain.

We walked a kilometer and then it got furious and with dust now. Lots of dust which went in my eye. I preferred not to wear the specs and so it hurt my contacts. Those prickles. We turned to a new dimension now. The lights went off for security reasons and it was SO magnificent. Beautiful! The rain, the darkness and the bolts in the dark sky with clear timings before the roars. Louder than those of the lions. Louder than an HD home theatre. It wasn't even Lala-land, it was more of a rock concert. Dry ice made up of flying rain. Nature's light replaced nature's neon and the instrument was higher than electric guitars.

The last time we had rain here was on the day I electrified my legs- 2nd April, but this rain electrified me. And I simply had the best hour of my life with the best person I look upto. =D
So, anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. Though yes, sunshine is itself delicious and rain is the most refreshing.

So come on,
and pump up
the volume.


  1. The best post you have ever written on this blog. Write like this more often my doofball! =D

  2. You *electrified your legs*?!

    Great Post, though!
    And I'm so jealous since it's boilin hot here =P

  3. p.s: It rained last night!
    It's still VERY hot!

  4. Way too much physics!
    But its cool! =)
    I want the rain as well! :(