Thursday, June 4, 2009

Somethings we still like to Save.

I've been saving money since the last five months. Unlike some people, I don't like to just spend away all I have for the sake of asking more with the ^_^ smile. Nope. SAVE. <3!>

That's a precious thing. Saving so to have tonnes. And then well, use it all. =]

I saved a lot until I used a 100 for the farewell for enjoyment and of course, Maximaio Antonio Andrea Archimedes Pandaary! I love pronouncing his name and well, typing it all again makes the memory stay tip-top! =]

I used up some for some paint. 6 bottles for 30 Riyals and since Manal used half of all, she'll have to pay back. My candypopland, as I call it has a lot of mixture.
Paints, crayons, oil pastels, markers. What not. It's another world to the opposite brown of the cupboard. I know you like it!

Well, you know when you have all the money saved you can do like GRRRAND shopping! Imagine that. From this to that. And you have loads of cash which you need, when you don't have credit cards and Visas and blegh.

So yeah, imagine that again, putting everything up in the trolley and you don't even have to resist the cutest top in the town! Or the stylish shoes. Or the prettiest scarfs.

I so need to buy more khusaas! I just have my second love- the pink ones and the dashing black which of course um, have become loose thanks to football. ;) DAMN. For that I need to go to Pakistan. They have the desi-est ones there. Plain to embroidery. Kick-ass.

Know what I mean now? Something in sea green and nave blue! And gawd! Red! And mix. Ah! Shoes for life I say! =]] Though of course, my football kicks would never be the same with these. Because the khuse would be flying at the same projection and velocity. Kasam sey!

I want to go to UK this year, last year of 'freedom' before uni starts and then, oh well, you just never know. I'd love to get into ArmyMedicalCollege though, like it's pretty Army-ish but the heart's gotta go where the heart's gotta go. =][

Time flies man, no, really. Last year this time, we'd be doing our IGCSE's which ended on the 6th of June '08 I guess. And now, we're already in A2 and would be startng that in a couple of days.

That's the ultimate Time Square by Toni Shi. Interesting isn't it? I haven't watched a good movie in ages, and I so need to read a book. I wish we had a library like that of the British School, everything from this to that! HOW LUCKY!

I don't really um, know Megan Fox but I do know Ben Aflick and he's a good actor.


  1. Hi ! Desi in South Africa said to come look at your place, so I did... love all the color here ! Looks like someone is having lots of fun ! bye for now...

  2. Um - I think the IGCSES ended on 11th of June=P

    I <3 Khussas!

  3. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes, can't have enough.

  4. Really Aala?

    Very true. Somethings just complete you. =]