Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If I had the chance of it, I'd love to get into Harvard or Oxford or even Imperial. I could, but they are way out of my league. I now need a 4th AS subject. Sucks. -_- A UKCAT and oh fuck. =/

I have my result coming up. After 8 days.

I have my home-going coming up. After a day. I'm leaving England and going back home in Riyadh. I'm two-faced at this. Happy and the same time depressed 'cause I'll leave to Pakistan the 5th day, i.e 19th of this month. Sucks. -_-

I have not been regular on my prayers and have not been a good girl. Kill me. -_-

I have got so thick because of the chocolates and all carbs my aunt feeds me.

I'll miss Nilam b. because she's been such a sweetheart to me the last 5 weeks in London.

And boy, am I tired. Sucks. -_-

List to do's-

. unlock
. pack
. pack BIG time
. arms
. unis -_- -_-
. MAJOR sleep
. put a fake smile on

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