Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Here I am. I've been so so busy. Just here and there, my cousin's marriage. My phopo's son and my uncle's daughter; getting married to each other. And we have to get dresses done, decorations, sleep late, wake up early. This and that.

I have my SAT2 left. Oh ef. And so much more. I guess I moan a lot now. That sucks. Maybe I just need to go back home. Look at my cupboard which is full of British clothes. InshaAllah my house would be safe. And then I guess not worry a lot about how my wedding clothes are not what I expected. But alhamdulilah. =D And not worry a lot about my universities.

I have to make a to-do list. And my credit's punching down.

I miss Nosheen. And of course, Rija too. <3>
Jumping. Getting HIGH. Doing homework while chatting. AC. Dupatas. Fun. Getting high. Eddy. ONE TREE HILLLLLL! Fuck you for being so addictive to me and me, for not watching you since EVER.

I miss you man.

And about moochie, we're not cool, but I never hated it* for it is my blood-relation. And we don't not give a fuck about them.

-peace- talk to me.

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