Thursday, November 5, 2009

Boston Legal

I hate that movie, Ice Princess.
My dad loves Tom and Jerry, I don't know why, I don't. Like even if he's seen it a BILLION times, the same episode of it, he'd laugh like a baby watching it. And he has the cutest laugh. HAHAHAHA. Papa <3

Oh and, I really wanna watch Paranormal Activity! I've heard its good. Some people even had to shift their bed from the basements. o_O

And. I love arts for a reason. And winter coats.

Oh my God, I was just watching this movie, and the guy just meets this girl out in the street and he's at one end and she's opposite with two lanes going through and he's telling her that the music in the art room, he specially wrote that for her while she says she wasn't really focusing on that. And apparently, she's with this new guy and he doesn't know 'cause he's been away and he's like hold on a sec, and he walks towards her. AND BOOM. This car smashes into him. Wallah I never get scared at instants in a movie. But that made me actually make that :O emoticon and I put my hand on my mouth.

Okay, he's alive and his legs are in bad shape. o_O

Okay? The movie's over. o_O

I love Dubai One.

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  1. i like tom NOT JERRY...toms the funny 1!n my dad lovess tom n jerry too..i guess dads have a thing for it then...n i didnt sleep in the basement for 2 me a whimpp but i was scared!