Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm sad.

I'm sad.
I miss my green canvas Next shoes, which my dad threw in the garbage can, by mistake.
Don't ask.
You'll see them if you scroll down, in the London tube station with my green bag.
I miss England.
I wanna do my MBBS there, wallah.
Instead I'm being shipped to where I don't like.
Oh, the heart ache.
I'm sad.
I miss my brother, INTENSELY. One person I share ALL my sorrow with when I'm FULL of it.
Yes, not a blood relation, but he's more. I miss you man, you know how you said I never share stuff with you. Right now, I could tell you so much. And you're just not here. Asshole. -.-
I'm sad.
I'm full of my SAT's worries. I dream about it. Yes, twice. And not good.
I'm sad.
Dear Lord, help.

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  1. but u didd scoreee gooo dof the SATs haina!!