Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tutorial Afternoons

Afternoon everyone.

Just a second ago, my 14-year-old cousin living in Faisalabad told me he went out with his family friend for breakfast.
I was impressed, I knew he'd ask me what I did all day, and to avoid that
I said: 'Oh, nice, did you have halwa poori?'
He: 'Yes and nehari.'
Me *inside*: Oh lovely.
He: 'So you're back from school?'
Me: 'No, I ditched.'
He: 'Oh, I see.'

Not a good impression. So then he just asked me about the other two, wait, lemme reply him first.

Reasons to ditch:
- Stupid headache thanks to the flu, early in the morning.
- Sleepy.
- Dear God, 5 minutes more to sleep please.

Oh, and I read this blog, which I've missed on reading. And good stuff I tell you, totally worth your ten-minute time.

The latest buzz is me having long hair:

Or as everyone would say, no keep them short hair.

Okaaay. Back to my SATs.