Thursday, March 11, 2010


Planning never works. Like never for me, I think the will is quite superior on that matter.
I think beige and brown look perfect together, even perfect than the all-time-classic black and white.
Being crazy and losing your mind is just alright. Dancing to Pitbull in a Saudi mall and that also like a duck is far too alright. Red nailcolours are by far too fine and when your teacher asks you for the colour code you go blank cause you're by far too that hip-high-school-girl-with-all-the-fish-accessories.
Mad cow arresting. Reason: Cows produce a lot of methane by their belching. Too much a lot of.
Oh and did I mention, Bohemia is the official sex? Like ayehaye haye man!
And world wide population, please let people swear on their own twitters or you could just simply go like 'Unfollow' like lets just live life haina?
Pung phoray? What's that? Ayehaye?

[I always wondered how do you do weed/hash?]

Also. I have tonnes of homework to do. I think Saudi women are like balloons literally. They fly with attitude. As fat and puffy. Not like I'm thin, but I'm not very fat as them. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh, =p and you can pop them easily. Aisa waisa!
Also, I think Saudi guys are typical rude dudes and when they ask you if you do know English, you say: I know English better than you man.

Also. I'm racist. To a degree. Not every Saudi's like that I'm sure.

After 3 hours:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Hasb-e-Haal is SUCH a funny yet awesome show. Dunya News, I guess. My parents used to watch it like everyday and I could hear my day laugh like a baby while he did. And they always invited me to watch it too. I was too busy being farigh. From now on, I'll watch it all the time.

So in China, a hundred year old woman grew a 'seengh' which'd be a horn and he made so much fun hahahahahahahaha, like literally. He said the husband while shopping instead of holding the woman's hand would hold her horn and be like chee chaa. And he does ultimate imitating/acting. ULTIIIIMATE!

I don't understand half the stuff cause of the urdu they speak and the way he speaks.

I love HasbeHaal. Now I'm going out. To dinner since Yashma's here for sleepovers. :)


  1. Sarah you're too funny mann

    I know this is out of the ordinary but you gotta gimme that recipe for chocolate chip pancakes o_O

  2. OMG. i watch that show with my parents too :O
    i thought i was the only one. -.-