Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hi hello yipeeediyo. So today I had my third exam. Physics Unit6B. Yup. It was good besides the fact that I do incredibly stupid mistakes. Lets list.

Precision of a meter rule: 0.5mm. Bummer. So next question goes wrong too. 2 marks into examiner's pocket.
Gradient negative. I put -ve sign. Turns out we didn't have to. Bummer^2.
Some maistakes here and there count up.

Yesterday was Mr. Biology's turn. I think biology is a female. -_-
Null hypothesis should be accepted. WRONG SARAH GODDAMMIT REJECTEDDDDDDDD!
Bummer #2: I used a transect, could have been a quadrat.
Bummer #3: Mistakes here and there.

Chemistry. Yellow flame test. Chromium. Anion and cation. Oh okay so you add zinc to a complex of Cr and you get SO4^2-. Fuck you sarah. -_- THAT is a STRAIGHT 4-5 in the bank of Edexcel. Then 2 marks for this HCl not used instead of H2SO4. Haiye. Chemistry, I thought you and me were buddies man.

Now. Real deal. Last Friday that was the urm *opens calendar* 10th of May. I GOT CHICKENPOX. Hell yes. -_- I got raped and sleepless nights. So I pretty much studied only a day before my chem exam but I still don't blame that. I'm stupid by birth in the head. So now chickenpox was/is the worst thing that ever happened/is-happening to me. I had pox all over me and trust me when I say that. Yes. I couldn't sleep all night cause they fucked my back and I couldn't move then the whole entire day I would cry and cry like a sissy sissy baby. Oh how pathetic sarah. You're such a girl goddammit.

Next up. BLUE DORITOS. No respect. Sweet chili peppered flavored DORITOS. *has 1/8th part* Why *munches* are they so *swallows* goood?! *grabs for another one*

So. I swear to god I'll make my kids have chickenpox before they turn 6. Okay I don't swear that but I would. -_- Seriously. Too much a lot of pain is there. Now to my room which is a MESS. With the prayer mats everywhere. Dubattas everywhere followed by books and papers and booklets and papers and laptops and books and tissue. -_- Did I tell you I live in a jungle? Indeed.

I need more orange juice. Wth. Great mama needs to msnvidcall khala lot in fsd.

My baby back. I need.

Also. What's the deal about the 20th of May? Like I know what's the deal but like I don't get the point of deactivating and going back into checking notifications and well bah all back over again. People should pray regularly than that stuff. Plus, no comments. I just think its blah. >.>

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  1. LOL your exam errors..reminds me of what I did too..-__-
    btw,what's a quadrat? :P