Saturday, August 7, 2010

The day you've waited for.

So I don't know what's up. What's up is that I did get into the university everyone loves to get in but at the same time I got in as an international student thanks to my SAT. I mean no complain, alhamdulilah. Let me just put on some sadass for music. Holy- I need to pee but this is much more important.

So its international yep, and its like all bigbigmoney like I did know that before but I don't know just hit me what an ass I have been cause I've been careless on it and following that how I screwed up my tests and all. Not all blames, I just got done with externals recently but not the point. So anyway, maybe my dad was like you stay back there since he has to arrange for the whole admission fees and shit. Makes sense and MAYBE, I wish just MAYYYYYBE, I have enough money to get myself a ticket since when else do you use money?

I'm fasting and my mouth is all eyoueye and dry and I didn't even wash my face and I have ugly pimples all over my pretty face. How I thank my oily skin. And how I LOVE Modern Talking. Reminds me of my home and the childhood. Omer bhai's stereo and nights with Modern Talking and Michael Jackson. Oh love that was. And I used to pee a lot when I was a kid. Embarrassing, I know. =p

OHMFMAN. Brother Louie! =D Oooooo. I feel ticklish on my head.
So well what I have to do since I don't want to sulk and be alone in the basement for the day.
Urm, I basically can only clean my room, try moving some butt, or shower. Besides that get a sexyass for a haircut. Fix my face. Go to the eye doctor. Get sight checked, specs and contacts. Which reminds me I need to download the Medical Certificate and I find out that I weigh 80kilos now. -_- Life. -_-

Now I feel like slicing off my lips and put them on gravy for dinner. Oh great. I just hate everything now. Girls. I'm going to sulk in my basement now, over n' out-

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  1. Sarah Malik, you are hilarious.
    Please come back :(