Thursday, May 12, 2011


I'm sick sick fellow nowadays, sick in the mind and in the throat. You can stand a fever, but the runny nose and the scratchy throat is too much for my pharynx. The best part is however, cough syrup- aka sleep inducer. PROPER WUZZA. I'd love a sachet of joshanda in warm boiled water with sonf but we're out of that so I have to use simple green tea with mint, not that bad with rusks before having that.

I had to study like PROPA STUDY from this week, but the week's almost over and I'm nowhere, still floating. That sounds so emo. Anywho, back to the anterior abdominal wall. TOMORROW, I start my *No Complaint Week* again, once again, also I realized I've started gossiping a lot, and that's double shame on me!

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