Friday, December 16, 2011


A late start to the day, got up at 8.40. Showered, ironed, well actually then showered and practically icey cold freezing fucking water, goosebumpish and hardly being able to breathe. Then, uni going, then two classes, then coming back home. Then namaz and eating and then the day just went by. I watched the American Pie, actually still left with the last 20 minutes cause everyone went on and on about it being gross so I was like the heck let's just give it a try and then I saw it downloading the second part along. Heeh. It's not AS gross, or maybe my levels of grossness have crossed beyond limits. I guess the latter is the case, weev. Anywho, done with downloading a couple more movies to watch when I should be really studying cause I'm like in SECOND YEAAAAAR MASHALLAH! I need to change my phone cover too. Tomorrow is PREP! InshaAllah.

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