Monday, July 2, 2012

I say what?

I don't want to study. :( I don't like these exams. Profs. My weakest point, I never feel that weak ever but profs. I have 5 modules in it. I wish we had the semester system. So much better. ='( I had 7 weeks to study and I did study but I seem to have forgotten whatever I did study and now that I'm down to 2 weeks, my knees are burdened with books. Literally. Besides that, I'm coming back in August again inshaAllah. =D ALHAMDULILAH! I shall enjoy all of that. =] I like music nowadays but its so emo that it gets you emo too. That's why sometimes actually most of the times you need to go back to pop and rock n' roll and away from this 21st generation shit. Things were simpler then, I'm sure of that. Babies were simpler too. My 2 year old nephew knows how to watch videos on his mum's iPhone. I'm not even sure if he's fully 2 at all! Heck, he hasn't even started talking yet. Wow. It's true when they say the kids are smarter and it's true when they say the years will get tougher. More competitive, drastic changes in people. I sound like a lecturer. Ahaha. It's funny how people are stuck back in time and they need to move on. I'm one of those people. 

I guess I'll go back to my ugly books now. 

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