Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Molested Roads

Coming from my nano's I kept thinking to myself about what I've done with 19 years of my life. There's an adorable white cat outside with two adorable kittens and all it wants is love and food. I have food but there's rarely anybody who loves me around here. That's why there is nano. Somehow today after all the shit I've been through, she made me happy and made me forget all my worries. It felt good. So I might go stay at her place because somehow she wanted me and that's a feeling I've missed upon the past weeks. Except for my parents though, because they are sweet. Thus, today I'm calling my mamoo and khalas. The family which deserves the real love.

Anyway, on my way back I thought about two things: roads in Pakistan and sexual harassment. I've been sexually molested, not raped, but harassed. To be honest, I think every girl is, somehow. It's maybe the society or maybe it's men. Fucking horny, fucking perverted, fucked up men. And no, I'm not calling all men that, it's the major majority. Allah ta'ala poochay ga unsay. There's our religion telling us to guard our modesty and there's a man. This man who examines a woman's body through that burqa she's wrapped around herself. This man doesn't care about what's on her body or what's exposed, he's a filthy human being trying to dig down beneath those clothes. What's the point of covering yourself when even covered women get raped, even rich women get raped. This man can snatch you away from your guardians and that's that. However, a woman wanting to get banged and deliberately arousing the man is a different case. Deep down, every woman's been molested. Through physical contact, through words, through gestures. Unwillingly, every woman.

Then we come to roads. I live in Shalley Valley in Rawalpindi, yes, you can come and have tea with me, too bad I don't drink tea. ^.^ The road which is the Range Road has just been newly improved. They put those white and yellow lines on the sides and in the middle but you see Pakistani drivers- the usual taxi and bus driver- is never going to follow those lines. So please Shitty Government Of Pakistan, these are men who probably don't know what yellow even means so you give them road lines in the 21st century and you think they'll obey that? Nope, no body follows them. When there are two lanes, you can only drive in the middle yes? And that also 'driving' on the edge kind of driving. In fact, these roads are pretty molested themselves. 

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