Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Interpretation Of Dreams

Fuck this politics.

I had such a horrible dream in the morning. I know why- Allah doesn't want me to sleep after Fajr and He is so right. The more I sleep, the higher the chances are that my dreams are going to be more and more screwed up. So screwed up and so real. My mum says never discuss your dreams except to those closest to you. I personally believe that dreams are for a reason. A sacred message from the other world. I remember my O-levels' finals and I had a dream that it's been two straight days and I haven't completed my exam and I panic. I took it as a sign from the Lord that I should finish it fast and well in the real exam I was pretty slow and I had still like half the exam to do in the last 45 minutes. Panic attacks.

My mum is sick. She has a cold and the whole house is upside down cause she's not around and mostly in bed. Meri mama jaaan! (L)


  1. May your Mum get well soon.

    I know how it feels when mama gets sick. :(

  2. My your mum get well soon! :)