Thursday, December 26, 2013


It's probably over a year since I blogged. A lot happened in a year. You should check out the utmost facial expressions I'm making right now since its one of my thangs now. 

Anywho, details of the year for later but right now I'm in 4th year of medical college and pretty much loving it! School hasn't been this fun since 2010 in Riyadh. There's a lot of laughing followed by some more loud laughing. We've passed through surgery rotation, which started in September. Orthopaedics with Dr. Waqar was hilarious with stories of his wife. 

So today was my second call of gyne rotation. It was fun in terms of the harkatai me and sundus did. This 49 years old lady using iucd was just next level. Watching her all prepped up in front of her husky husband was even more next level. Dr. Mariam really made us stay till freaking 8 30. We took our histories and went up to her at 7 but she's all like no no. So, Sundus and I, went to Sangam Market in I-8 to have this really heavy double chicken Afghani burger, which is basically lots of fries and chicken sausages in a yummy wrap so it wasn't that bad. 

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