Wednesday, April 1, 2009

For Lennie•

I was supposed to study physics today and upon that, I have to take Hassan's test of bio unit 2. Us ke uper sey, I have to go out to buy Rija a shirt. =/ loaded. And of course, then I have to give time to you. With my Hakuna Matata shirt from Nilam baji and my jeans from City Max, which I bought two days before leaving to Dubai on the 3rd of December last year, I went out for a walk with my dad after a month or so. It felt good and home-y as usual, except that now they made the walking track more brighter, with SO many light on the left side. I know nothing of Mechanics. =/ So we usually walk in the middle, where it's less crowdy and less noise pollution. On the left of that is this HUGE football stadium and when I see the boys play it's just WOW. I love the Vengaboys. Back to the point, I LOVE football just like um, they like basketball. =?

I think I'll like myself in the next 10 years time. That's why, HI Sarah-who's-26-then. :) I hope you're done with your MBBS and in gynecology specialisation, inshaAllah. I also hope, you've lost weight and of course, found a handsome dude and I hope with all my heart that you plan not to have a kid at 30. =// Think of the kid man. And oh, pregnancy. <3>


  1. For you its ok...but if I have a kid at 26-ish, ill look 18 =/

  2. Btw *sullen face* screw the shirt. Just come to my house tomorrow and my day is made.