Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Day In Paradise

If you wanted to die, I would've baked a cake like that, but you know how much I suck, except for the amazing halwa I make. :) This one's for you my love.

A very happy birthday to you, Rija Daniyal! May you have the best day ever, and may all the next years be full of joy, success and love for you. =)

May Imli have 5 kittens and none of them pass away, making you her best friend. :) And I hope I make it for her labour, somehow. :)

I hope you get what you want, and since you're so talented mashaAllah, nothing will stop you inshaAllah. Change the world and make it a better place, it needs people like you. :)

And of course, mashaAllah your parents are blessed with you, and it's nice to see a happy family. [Go, Ms. Sarosh (Y)!]

There's beauty in everything of yours man, you're such a great friend. Logic and humour at its best. :) And your arts is just WOW. <3

So we're all lucky to have you in our lives because you, my friend make a difference and there's always *Hope in you.

Thanks for being such a kick-ass friend, as you've helped in all ups and downs and supported not only me, but also Friksion, when we needed you the most.

God bless you!
With this, like you I second Pink Floyd.
“Shine on, you crazy diamond.'''


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