Friday, April 3, 2009

With Love

I love you all.
To all those who read this.
I love you, Papa Jaan and Mama. :)
I love you, Sibgha and yes Manal, you too. =D
I love my nano jaan! Without her, there's no sunshine for me. (: (:
I love my very true, but old friend Taneer. Because they say old is gold.
I love my very very lovely Friksion; Deej, Rija, Nosh and Fary. *hugs&smiles*
Of course, then my amazing Hassan bhai, who's just more than a brother to me. =]

After all these, I love Ezza baji, and my fellow Fsd-ians.
And I love you too.

And above all, I love my God, so much! For blessing me with everything I ever wanted and the amazing, amazing rain! xx-

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