Friday, July 3, 2009

The Mystery In Me.

It is exactly 3.42 right now. In the morning. I'm all alone awake. Because I have to confess.
I've become an addict. Not of facebook or any such website or obsessive chatting or shopping or any mere source. Of a drug too translucent for its solid state. I had to say it out. Its prolly more than a month or so. And don't ask about it. Don't talk about it. Its hideously uttered. By its own mere presence.
2009 has not been my partner. Neither has academic year 08-09. I'm the straight forward person. I say it out straight and I'm not a long-post-reader. I like something that keeps you interested. Something short. Something like E_M_Y or SQ write in. Something which is there and done.
Point is; I've been the worst form of me. A sculdgebag. Astaghfirullah at the people I've seen lately.
Gays. Another topic I tease my unbiological brother about. Not that he's gay. La, I just like TALKING about it. Because the word gay makes me gay- happy, literally. And really sadly, I've seen gays here in Riyadh now. :O
I'm going to UK whenever. Any second. Unpacked or unbrushed. Any second. I've still not have had enough of turquoise. <3
So my legend died. Michael Jackson died. A man innocent and diseased.
Its almost Fajr I guess. I shall get my ass up and pray in a while inshaAllah.
Life is short.
My first bestfriend was Aabiya from Villa Prep.We were good friends. In fact, great. I learnt the meaning of the word a-word-i-can-not-remember-right-now. How interesting.
I got a pair of trousers from Debenhams today with a voucher :O And a NewYorker cardigan. Something very checky and punkish. Plus, both my dad's choices. :D :D :D
Who's your legend?

So they were true about the title.
A friend in need, is a friend indeed.
I still remember you Taneer even if others don't. <3

Hey pretty baby with the high heels on.

Anam's coming tomorrow. And I just smsed H a message of 7 messages long. The longest ever. I plan one of 25. :D
Goodnight world of lovers. This is just life, trust me, its not complicated. This too shall sink.


  1. Hahah! This was long. Not longer than mine though. But long.

    I remember Taneer. She used to live near the school, right? Straight haired girl with specs.

    Ooooh. I love New Yorker.

    And lucky about England. Make the best of it! I hope I end up there too.

  2. You wanna come to the UK? ...what... forever? ..Its not all that. Really o.o