Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah, the Princess

Sometimes its good to be monotonous. Sometimes its good to be green. Lush green. Is WOW.
I hope the sun doesn't come out soon. I still haven't got my ass off M's bed. The thing is I used to do Hijab. Yup, I USED to. I miss it INTENSELY! I used to be a decent girl with a head scarf and an innocent smile with the cheeky thoughts sealed in a muscle beneath stratified cells.

I did for more than 2 years or so. I loved it. It felt different and pure. Because you knew you were doing the right thing. To those who argue about Hijab, I'm sorry to say to you're ignorant about it. Its pretty obvious. In weddings when everyone's talking about earrings and which parlor they're going to get their hair I was choosing a matching scarf. (: I have always tried to ask Mrs. S where she gets her scarves from. They are totally <3.

Many people have their wow blogs about Hijabs and stuff here. A thing which makes me want to go back to doing the righteous thing. All I'm afraid of is, the way the people will talk about me. I know I shouldn't be actually caring about it, but it matters I tell you. In the longterm every tiny thing you do, does matter. Personification unknown.

I hope God forgives me for everything I've done wrong. I should probably go pray Fajr and go sleep.

A difference between a blog and a dairy. For the former, you have people's choice. And of course, people's choice awards. [=


  1. why'd you stop wearing it? the end of the day, I guess all your actions depend on your intentions. -_-

  2. Sarah =]
    You are doing a good thing ^_^
    make do it too :P