Monday, December 7, 2009

Nirvana \m/

Come as you are.
Haiye. Let's see. I'm gonna be really real at this blog.
Why everyone thinks I don't blog much but I do 'blog', well.. to that I have to say, that I don't get time. I'm a very busy person.

I want a further hour sleep in the morning when I'm waking up and then I'm all sleepy and when I get back home I want to be all presh. Yes, presh and be all happy. Instead I'm all sleepy again. Wake up by 5-ish and then sleepy for a bit. Then a bit high, and then homework. I think sleep fucks me up that bad. I don't like sleeping, disconnects me from the world. Literally, now come on. Don't you feel that? And on top of that, I sleep 'cause I need to sleep otherwise I'd love to like never sleep and be an asshole through the night.

Okay, I swear too much, I know. Well, too bad. I like it. Okay, I know, I should cut down before I say something at home and my dad slices me into 72 bits to feed the neighbor's kutta/kutti. Sorry, its either that I swear or use words like that. HAHAHAHA, now come on, isn't the swearing better then?

So well, what's up with life, let's see. I think I'm gonna enjoy Chemistry now, finally thank God for that. I love school in a way, and I love how jolly my teachers get. Oh well. I'm happy, a 20% of my life's just fixed by 30-minutes in today's chem class. =D

So, well, I have nothing to say, except the fact that I do not like twitter and I do not like whining and so that's a case maybe why I don't blog no more. Colours fill my life, that's enough. And I have the best of friends. The best family to be happy with, and the best hair.
Beat that bitches! [H]

Oh and, I'm so screwed tomorrow. :D