Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's on her mind today? 9thDecember09

'Good morning and asalamualaikum. Today's the aa..', looks at Annaam with a gullible smile, '8th of December.' That's me on the stage yesterday.

'AAAAAAA colourful socksssss!', and jumps on Hajra. That's me the day before yesterday.

'Well I couldn't go there, so you went. Otherwise I'm the home-genius. Ah!' That's me today.

Thing is, its good to be happy sometimes. Rija D. must have it in her mind- aylo, there goes her life and sighness and talks- and yea... there I go telling you again, that it really IS okay to be happy. And okay to tell yourself that every lil' thing's gonna be alright. You're gonna be a rotten patch in the end anyways, why care about the nailcolour you have on right now?

Sorry, that was just NOT what I had in mind.

So yea, today was a good day at school. I'm always high and happy and nice and good and... I'm just good, you know that, don't you! This guy infront of our house said oh salam Malik sahb- to my dad- how're you? I haven't seen your oldest daughter since like forever, I see the other two often though. And I'm like o_O See, I'm that good. Everybody notices me. Hah, since when I have been complimenting my ownself so much? Kiddin', its just a tease. For my ownself?


SarahMalik, wtf are you saying?

Well, so today I was looking at the clouds, such amazing pretty things. Except there were none today and I was looking at the thin ones in the troposphere. -_- yes, thank you SATs for telling me about that. So yea, and then the sky was SO clear with those weather forecast wali lines in the air due to water condensing and forming thin, white vivid lines. Then I saw these two kids with their hands dangling outside the window's car. And we were always told not to do that, like ever. You can like squash yourself if the car passes by really close or as someone told me, people can chop of your hand. Yes, I know, weird right? Tell me you've heard that somewhere!

But I never get the whole idea of that, like, how can that happen?
Demonstration, please man?

And then I thought about the thing that when the 8th October's earthquake occurred in Pakistan like 3 years ago, or so, women used to be under these huge construction things with their arms out and they had bangles on. Now the cannibals, as I'd like to refer them to, cut arms for greed. Get the idea?

Now, is that just not amazingly crazy! I knowww.
The thought drifted to the whole idea that I wish there was something to drag me home as soon as I could. Because 15 minutes from school, is enough but. I guess humans are just never happy enough and just never full.


  1. The arm hanging out of car thing? SO true. We were always told not to do that either. I used to try it a bit in Karachi when mum wasn't around....and I realized it wasn't a good idea after those chain-dangling tunuuunono wali trucks passed by.

  2. i wss thereeee at 8 october.....the earth shakeddd n i was like HOLLLYYY HELLL...and like many quakess camee since october!!stangeeeeeee.....anyhooooo i used to do that hand thingyy tooo....magar daddy bohat scoldinn so i stoped!