Wednesday, December 9, 2009


One tree hill, is the best show ever. It fixes my life by screwing it so bad. It makes me cry, makes me low. Yes, low. So all that happiness out of cjblufox is sucked out and I'm a low, restless soul. The first thing I do is maybe cry. Or rather I stay quite, and put life on hold for a minute, and like in my previous blog I said never put life on hold, I mean it, don't. It just shits even more. I wonder why God ever made sadness. Maybe to make us realise about happiness and that we should live the best of life. Appreciate the happiness dear men, because when you get low, only highness brings you back up.

I'm high most of the times, I'm low just after that. If alcohol was allowed, I'd be an alcoholic right now. When I'm high I lose my mind, so there, I could go in a bar and drink the shat out of margaritas, and when I'm low I'd have just whiskeys and just fall down dead, and drunk. Over-drunk. Right now, I'm listening to everything on oth's episode and am not watching it, even the sound of it soothes me. I love OneTreeHill after my E66. I love everything, the sadness, the drama, the dialogues, the characters and it's the only tv show I've watched every episode of and, omg I love it! I sound weird, yea?

What makes you sad Sarah? Many things, no.1 scoldings. What makes you cry Sarah? Many things, no.1 when my dad scolds me. I cry SO much. So so so much, I switch off the lights get on my bed, and cry my eyes out, 'cause it hurts. Sarah Malik loves her dad so much, that it hurts so much to hurt him. I love you papa jaan! So yes, I cry and then I go up to him and say papa.. and I start crying and then, I wipe my eyes, and cry even more and say, I'm sorry and start explaining like I just start and cry even even more. And then he says that sarah stop crying, har choti baat pe roti rehti ho, and then I cry more and he hugs me and kisses me on my head and says you know I don't like it when you cry, it makes me wanna cry and the thought of him crying makes me laugh and I laugh there. And then, he laughs and ruffles my hair, and says go wash your face like a good girl.

You know what happens when you die Alex, you're just dead.

Hayeee, I love Clay- Robert Buckley from OTH, he has such a sad life. Bechara. =(
And this other time I cried was when something totally wrong happened with Peyton and her baby, and that made me realise that what every pregnant woman loves the most at that time is her kid. And I hate kids but. The thought changes your mind.

People cry, I cry. Life doesn't end. So you might wanna stick around. After this.

Okay, Hassan just made me hear a sound clip, now I'm all happy and laughing. So bye Sad Sarah. :D


  1. sarahhhhh plzzzz never cryyyyy....i neverr like it wen u cryyyyyy u shud like soo watch simpsons or scrubs wenever ur sad!!thennn ull b happpe.