Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What the fuck?

Sometimes when you click 'Next Blog', you feel like watching something new, something different. But all you see is. Blogs. About. Kids and families.


Like, what the fuck? <_<
Kids are cute, yes, but, sometimes, come on, 20 in a row, =/.

There, see, on more again. >_> Oh, now this

A Journey Of Endomeriosis And Fertility.

OHMYGOD. I swear, today's like baby blog day, another baby blog. >_>
WALLAH! Once again. >_> *clicks next blog* The Kraupp Family.

*next blog*.. The Doll House about Thanksgiving and kids. -______-
Wow. ANOTHER BABY. >_> Oh how sweet, no we have twins. -_- And now, then there were five... about kids again. And, once again. I think my parents would've never had the time to blog like these parents, and for some reason I like how my parents were compared to these. 8)
Oh, okay this kid is cute. Phoenix, a japanese kid, nice.

*clicks next blog 6 times* 6 baby blogs again and one about money-saving. *ignore*Baby again.
The Benjamins. 8)
And. Once again, ugh, I'm going facebook. >_>
*one last time, next blog* The Little One, he's riding the metro for the first time. =/


  1. Lol. I never clicked on "Next Blog". And now i have a reason not to !
    I love babys, but seeing them a lot is boring ;\

  2. trueeeee onli 2 kids r enufff 1 boy michalenglo and 1 girl star!!!no to too much alot off kids!!

    n ccccc ur blogs the onlii one that rox!!!!!!