Friday, December 18, 2009

Taxi drivers and Akons.

I had the hugest burger ever yesterday.
Herfy Combo Size-d Chicken Burger.


It was the killer, literally. I feel thick and sick.
Like I told a gazillion peeps already, I feel 4 kg up to that 62. -_-

So. Bottom line! I'm gonna work out for a week to pull them calories down. And no more Nesquik in my milk anymore. >_> Acne. -_- Low down oily food. Acne. >_>

Anddd.. Um, remind her of fat, acne, uniless and homo. I love homo! \m/ Randomness.

OH fuckness. Unit test. Bloody shat.


  1. i dontt likee akonn and taxii just sux!!!
    id love summ burgerrrr ritee noww but no ketchupppp!!!i dont like it anymore!!

  2. n wid uuuu will b justt AWESUMM!