Sunday, January 3, 2010

Love Buzz

How I love being sick because my sins are being slashed off the dirty-list. Heehe. So, well, I've been sick. Doodle-doo. Fever. And you know what, when you feel like yes, I'm getting the fever you actually get it, 'cause inside you feel the weakness, and then your body just surrenders. Sweet heaven.

So, we ditched school yesterday, the 'senior-most-class'. Oh how I hate that 'thing'. -_- And today, I be ditching again, as the fever's gone now I just have a sore throat, heavy head, runny nose- well one of it, and the other blocked. Bas. And my legs have no calcium phosphate in their bones. Femur, tibia and fibula. Fancy words. =D

What's the longest word? Apparently
189,819words. A name of a protein. Next is a name of a dish, 183 words.

Oh, I need tissue.

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