Sunday, January 3, 2010

19 and finding red in your eyes..

So I like the images they have on fashion magazines. I like how they're so seductive that you don't look at the product being displayed but the display being displayed.
It's all so urban and so slick, so dark and so high.

High heels, thin legs. Straight hair and covered, cornered eyes. So MeganFox-ish. [I like the sound of that.]

Black eye-liners and thin features. Clear skin and a-well-bum. Now, let me flickr some..

.. Oh, too revealing. Everything I'd say, but Lady Gaga.

Red nail colours, and those red thick lips. The gloss they put oh.

More of Roxanne In Baltimore.

They liked the little man at the back. And notice what she's holding. The way she's holding.

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  1. a cigggggg!!!!i loveee girlsss whoo smoke!!!theiree next level!!!!