Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bingo was his name-O!

Seriously, I need to do some gaming.
Oh, hello there! Finally you see me! My hair's not that bad usually.

Great, I downloaded an episode and now I'm to hype to watch it. Great.

Seriously, I need to ask for more pocket money. I have my pocket money since like November yeah, and in October, I got nothing. Then my dad gave me some eidi and um, I spent it all, um, on paying for um, photocopies for past papers. I mean, I'm not supposed to do that my dad always fills that in.

But then its a laze, to ask him for money every fucking day. So I just took out that 100 and paid some shag off. Also. I spent about a 30 out for myself when I went for bowling. Double game and 6cost sundae. Great. -_-

So, if I get some money. That is pocket money worth a 300 now. I guess I could do some shopping out. RIGHT Sarah. Shopping as in cool stuff, I don't do makeup, handbags, shirts and dresses. Last time that ever happened. England and well, you could say I shopped a lifetime after a lifetime. I'd rather go for this.

Okay and one eyeliner maybe. And. Wow. Keys!