Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Turn The River

I personally think. Seduction leads to murder. Not murder but homicidal, murder one way or the other. Explanation'll lead a bit to the wrong side of it. But. Yeah.

This movie. Outstanding like I said before.


Its 2.30 in the morning. Wow. My eyes are burning. I should sleep.

Should but won't.
I wanna play pool. Really sometime. Of course, I'll have to learn it full time before. But hey! I KICK MAJOR BUTT AT CUE CLUB!

Also, I used to join this bar for a chat or so with people, and then you could challenge for a game and I used to call them stupid and idiot and I got responses like Sarah, are you drunk? Or like Sarah needs to leave. And there was always this Sally hitting on me like, Sarah, you go cowgirl even with like a lame hi. -_- P.S. That was all computer and not real people.

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  1. Seduction leads to murder -> That was really deep.