Friday, February 26, 2010

I miss you iPhone.

You know when they say you only realise the importance of something when you lose it, well yeah, I just lost my iPhone around the house. =/

My dad uses it more than I do. Like 72 applications, he uses the games, I do the um, well youtubing, facebooking, tweeting, ebuddying and nimbuzzing. Yeah. And my music. =(

Dear iPhone, man I miss you. I know I was a rude dude to you, but just because I thought you were going to take the space I have in my heart for my hawt E66. But dude, I did love you. I loved how you were so black, so sexy, so slick. You pretty thang, you and your silver lining. Literally.

Haiye, dude come back to mommy.

On another note, fuck the SAT someone.

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