Friday, February 5, 2010

I'm sleepy.

My battery's dying. Like the laptop's battery. i guess my battery too. 'Cause technically my battery's the brain and it is dying every second of life. Oh see. There goes another milli/micro/nano/mano/fano/peta %. See, look at me. I'm sleepy.
And I've done what today. Practically nothing. Since when do I tell you what's on my mind, hm Mr. Blogger? I don't liike you, okay. *hmph* I don't.
Oh oh andddd now I have like 13 spots. I think I told that before. Jeez. What's up Sarah. -_-

P.S. If you're someone who can't take swear words, any cusses, or whatsoever. You may kindly piss off from here 'cause I'm... sleepy *falls asleep on dying laptop*

Nah man, joking woking. =p I do not swear. *hm* Aylo. Stop giving that look.
Nosheen! I sound like you! Influ-ence bbbbb.. baby? o_O

Sarah, dafa ho ja kay aur so jao.

I clearly have no life at all.


  1. That's exactly what sleep deprivation does =p Happy Zzz-ing to you =)

  2. sleepin over ur lappy and drooling all over is it is uber cool!!! ahh maybe coz i soooo do it!!