Monday, February 8, 2010

Drop It Like Its Hawwt! Hoo!

I don't like my blog no more for some very odd reason.

I went out with my dad today for a walk around the PSU. Fucking cool place, I tell you.
Top that, it was frigging cold and nice shice. So I grabbed my dad's sweater, wore my mum's abaya and off out with my dad in my kaali gaddi. (H) An E66 in this pocket, an iPhone in the other and a cinnamon roll in the hand. Aye haye haye.
I've never loved the sun this much ever. School was frikking cold. Cuddling up and teeth tattering. Chattering. I know. Kattering too. Okay too much.

Now now, I have a biology exam parsoo and I've studied half for it. I had the worst Chemistry exam ever because well, I studied too much and well, it just had to be done. But I'm not sad but I'm worried about what my dad'll do when ahem he sees the grades of the exams, and ahem the grades of like everything because well, never showed the reports to them and ahem, I never signed it myself too but well. Well. You know!

And. What else. Hm, I should start Biology and I feel like watching HIMYM. <3>

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  1. You have officially surpassed Nosh in awesome blogging styles.