Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ketchup And Me. Baby!

Okay, so I was really hungry. I had four glasses of milk. And so me and my dad went to get some Subway. Now I only have those 6" ones and that also itni mushkilo say. Its too much for my chota sa stomach. Ahem. 8)

Now what happens is this. Me and my dad have a music session. We're listening to Modern talking. You take my self, you take my self-control!
Dad's in subway ordering. Chicken Fajita please, for me, and the other two.

I haven't had Lay's in many days. So I felt like having Salted Lay's. I hate it when people call them red, blue or yellow. Easier but its annoying.

We're going back from the PSUwali branch home, takes a minutes drive or so.

We're talking about how medicine comes into action as a good field for women for so many reasons. He's telling me how the doctors are neat inside and he knows many how raise funds in Pakistan. He makes complete sense and then he's telling me how he used to listen to all these songs in discos and he had stacks of cassettes.

Its that instant when I want to go for a long drive with my dad because I've less than 6 more months here till I go to Pakistan. Just the thought is enough to sadden me. To be very honest. Haiye.

I come home, have a half a pack of Lays to myself. I'm unwrapping my Subway sandwich on Sibgha's bed and her unfolded quilt. I realise RED. Not bright red but red. I know, you're not supposed to sniff food but this is a life and death matter.
Suspect: Ketchup.

I rush to my dad's room ---->
I think there's ketchup in my sandwich.
You know, I don't eat ketchup. Haina?

I think there's ketchup in that.
How do you not know I don't eat ketchup papa!
But its really REALLY little and you didn't tell me not to.

Now, seems like I'm mad. But I'm not. I'm alright indeed. Its okay, my dad or Manal could have my sandwich. Now this ketchup issue is big deal for me. Half my extended family thinks I'm nuts, not half, everyone. I don't touch a ketchup bottle. If I do, with a tissue. After that, I wash my hand twice.

Manal's sweet enough to give her sandwich to me and she's like I don't want anymore. I'm like okay. You can have mine.
Everything's done and then we're on the dining table, I start blogging. And my dad...

I think... these ones didn't have ketchup and Manal wala did. Oh yeah! I remember now!
Me: O_O
[He had no idea, I ate Manal's. Either he was telling the truth about it, or he wanted me to ignore ketchup and eat it.]

That's the handbrake. =D


  1. Handbrakes + Subway = Awesomeness? :D

  2. Suspect: Ketchup.

    I feel your pain. You know I do.

    " I don't touch a ketchup bottle. If I do, with a tissue. After that, I wash my hand twice. "
    *dies of laughter*
    I SO understand you :')

  4. How can you NOT like ketchup? Ketcup, all oozy and squeezed over the freshly cooked chips (french fries)...sigh...heaven! But on a Subway...bleh. Tastes horrible, I agree.

  5. that pic in the end is urr workkk zonnee hainaaaa!!!ur responsibleee for thatt..2 THUMBS OFF!

  6. my badd i mean THUMBSS UP!!!