Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Happy News: So yesterday I was all busy studying my unit 4 for bio. I'm doing A2 by the way, just so you have an idea. Now I thought there were exactly 4 chapters for Topic 6 just like Topic 5 instead, there were just 3. 2 more to be done and I'd be finished. All happy news yeah. That's 12 in the afternoon then.

Sad News: I got happy, too happy to study, never studied the last two properly and ended up finishing them two at 10ish in the night.

Now, why? I ditched bio and went for a walk with my dad. As once again, I grabbed my dad's green M&S sweater, my mum's umbrella-style abaya and oozed out through the door in my elephant-Nike trainers. Now, as I was in my gaddi, me and dad were just switching between Vengaboys and Bob Marley. We're a fan of both. Tedious task to do is. That, the first song in that USB in Sex On The Beach- Vengaboys. By some chance yeah, and I have to click Next before that part comes up, 'cause its just a little too much. So even before I put my seat belt on. *NEXT*

Happy News: Now, as we were walking, once again around the fucking cool PSU, I with an iphone here and E66 there was all like, oh, I don't feel bad, I'm okay and I really was okay 'cause suddenly bio was the last thing on my mind though I studied shit. I was all, as long as you have God with you, all is well.

Sad News: UNTIL I got home and that sweater, I wear to school some times and it had those light green and light blue uniball pens yea, and the steal thing on their cap scratched my hawt E66's screen! IT WAS SAD! It wasn't the normal scratch, it was more like two-three slight scratches smudged together. Yes, that bad. I tried rubbing it out but then I realised that I'm an asshole.

Going back to the walk scene where I was all happy. So, my dad doesn't put up the handbrake for some reason, and yesterday I was like why don't you do that. He's like I leave that part for you. Which is true, 'cause since a week whenever I'm around, I do that, if not Allah maalik ha. Then he's like, someday we'll go out of the city for a bit and you drive that 4x4 I was like woaah! o_O He's like, 'And feel the power!' I was like woaah! Now before you say anything, I'm 17 and learned driving when I was 16. Pakistan traffic freaked me out, here its worse though, but I drive good acha!

Blog to be continued after dad finishes work with the laptop.

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  1. driving over hereee itsss mucchh easierrr truusstt mee...