Monday, February 22, 2010

Khusa Love.

My sense of dressing is rocking.
An hour ago, I had a black flair, a white unironed shalwar and skin-toned khusaas. Yep. And I slept in my jeans and since I haven't had food since a couple, even with the belt they're fucking loose. Like great. Now, I need a new pair. Ayehaye. Sorry for the breakout but I'm back to Bewafa. =/

Anyway, so well then my cousindude came over and he's the one who never calls me sarah, either its bachay or phaskay. And he's not very old to be calling me bachay, he's just 25ish I think. Anyway, so I had to look like an insaan then.
This post is to the love of khusaas. Wait lemme turn on the ac, otherwise these khusays'll make me sweat fuck. Oh and today on, seriously no more swearing. Seriously. If I do, you can slap me which you can't so BOO-HOO!

Khusay and me roll back from a long long time. I never really liked them, like totally desi. Not my style. But since me and desi don't fuse together in matters like well, you know. So I bought my first ever pair at deej's brother's akeeka/hakeeka [I never figured out] but well those were my baby pink ones. Not baby pink but like pink baby. Oh well, nvm. Only pink since my shalwar kameez was pink acha. Oh, and I used to do hijaab then I had my pink scarf. Oh, well, another story that.

So wait lemme see if I have a picture of them. Okay, searching for them made me sad, I just passed photos of grade 9 and 10 of deej, fary, and us three. Oh man. x_x
Okay. So then I bought black khusaas last to last year from pindi. THEY WERE MY BABIES!
I wore them one day to school and I played football. Now, thing is sports and I, we don't roll. Football is just AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So. Well. We. Roll. Yeah, now suckiness is, not many at school play football, its all basketball bball and Michael Jordans. Not my style.
So well, high kicks. Once I kicked the ball so high it never came back. WALLAH! And well all thanks to my Nike kicks. So well, I hit many people with my kicks and I'm sorry to all. Really, and Nayha sorry for hitting the ball on your face twice but man, you were sitting right in the middle. Not my fault. 8)

So this one day, we had our colour-day when we all just diss our uniform so well, I kicked the ball, usual highness and along with the ball, I saw something else going up. Yes, my khusaa. Right at the same speed, same projectile. Wallah, and I laughed my butt off man! And then my foot really really hurt and I look back and everyone's laughing at my poor khusa. Well, then the grade 4 boys who were pretty turned on by my kicks ran away with my khusa. So. I had to run after them, and I took of my other khusa and chaaallo.

And well, mama threw them away, cause I overused them. And she took my pink khusaas away 'cause they looked so bad and I wore them everywhere. Haiye. I miss my black khusaas. My feet looked so hawt in them.
Okay not the point. Ahem.

I SHOULD GO NOW. I miss Rija.


  1. Haha...I love khussay too! The only desi shoes I'm ok with :)
    I have a pair of turqoise my babies!

  2. I just love the wayyy youu bloggg (((: !

  3. hi there! You made me laugh like crazieessss!!! Football with Khussaas.... hilarious!!! Hahaha... I adore khussaas too!! Prettiest things! :)