Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lets Be Sad!

So lets cut out all the colourful crap and stop being such RainbowMonkeys [Oh, I miss Kids Next Door man!]. And there's no point of expressing yourself [express -_-] with such weirdly techno-ized subtypes. -_- [That doesn't even make sense, Sarah!]

If I had sideburns. Ah, wah wah. That way this ridiculous acne would've been gone for a bit but then using an aftershave would suck. Oh, the smell is dreamy though! *dreams*

Its all dusty once again, I can hear the sandstorm. And it feels dusty. But I don't care. Having the window open is the best thing to fix your life. I love the air and the sky and everything outside. Even the moving of cars-so-fast-zhooooom.

So I *closes window =/* have these weird spots on my right hand, yeah. Like only there. First they were like 7. Then 9. Then, 11 and then 13. Odd numbers, yea, not fancy, I know. And two right on my neck and you can see them so clearly. They come in all different shapes and sizes too! [You have to study Sarah!]

Oh, the sandstorm is quite noisy I must say. And um, what else were I to do. I'm taking over my brother's account- which I made. [H] Do I rock or whaa't? [I know, I know, seats once again please.]

Hm, finish topic 7 Sarah Malik, before I shoot you. And I'm serious look! Oh and!

Yo mama so fat when she has wants someone to shake her hand, she has to give directions! BAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAH!

I think I'm nose-bleeding. =/ Too much coke Sarah. -_-


  1. The weather really is awesome right now.

  2. arghhh!! sideburns sucks...shavin too!! :(

    dammit coke!! try ganja sarah!! :)

  3. Coke causes nose bleeding.. :/ (Btw it's me Hamster was getting tired of my nick :D)

  4. I have acne too! Oh I know how you feel. ;__;