Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah, thand me beth gayi ho. Bas kero.

This black dude is very very mannerless. He shoved a gun from under his bed and then when his grandma tried to stop him. He pushed her and locked her out of the house. Apparently, they lived in an apartment so she's banging the door in the building.

Now these police dudes with that Kofi-Annaan looking guy are very weird. They're police dudes but the dress up like full-time G niggers with all those blingblings and just a police vest on top. Like that's no way to dress up like a police dude. Ask me. I'm 17 and I know more than the director/costume-in-charge dude. [I don't know the right spellings of KofiAnaan and I won't google it either. And the dude comes in like um, so many movies so yeah.]

The Kofi-Annaan dude's going into the apartment where the black-mannerless dude was. Apparently his name was Drama. Yes, you heard that right. WAS. He shot himself. In the head, left side. And its all over the national tv. THIS IS SUCH A CRAP MOVIE.

I don't like these movies I swear, they're pretty racist themselves these black dudes, I've never seen white people with main character in their movies. And they say colour don't matter. Like those Big Mama In The House movies, none has any white dudes. Except that friend he always ditches like that no way dude.

Now, Drama's buddies are crying and kissing him good bye. MAN. This dude has huge nostrils. >_> MAN. THEY ALL HAVE HUGE NOSTRILS. o_O

Yes so I have an exam tomorrow technically. And here I am doing this. This is, nothing. Oh dude! They were in the church right, so this dude was hitting on Drama's mum/sister/girlfriend/some girl and she slapped him right on the face. To the dude, dude, something called timing you know?

Now, best part of staying up. TV. Unless you have shitty channels like all those StarPlus fucks. And food. Yes, food. Even when you're shit hungry you get food to eat and nobody but the inner-you'll-get-fat stops you.

My friends describe my face as Vanilla Snickers. You heard that right. Vanilla 'cause vanilla and snickers 'cause I got them bumps on my face. Layman's language acne. I swear its so bad. =/ Like really bad. From far they're freckles. =/ Kareeb ao tau pata challay. *Hmph*

Okay. Its 2:10 AM and aylo, mama just came.


Also, I'm racist.


  1. But but but.
    I also said Snickers cuz Snickers be my FAVE CHOCOLATE =DDD


  2. What movie were you watching? I hate black cops who dress up as gangsters to be 'undercover' and then wear a police vest. Doesn't that like fucking give it away?

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