Monday, March 22, 2010

I love my nano.

We all know one sign of the Day of Judgement [I wonder why we use capitals though] is that time will fly so fast you wouldn't notice. Which is true. When you're living in the moment. Its long and static. Once over, you ponder over what you actually did in every composed second.

Its 2010. TWENTY TEN! I've lived 17+ years. And I still remember being 12 and keeping the TV's volume according to my age. I remember being young. I remember being 15 and when Shoaib bhai told me he was 17, it was just a o_O moment. [I also wonder how you actually make a face that way.]

My grandmum's here. I love her. She's like my favorite person and one I love a lot after family maybe. =D She's cool. She's pious. She's so good mashaAllah. And the passion for namaz, and good stuff she teaches us. Ayehaye. <3

I'm going for a roadtrip inshaAllah, on both upcoming weekends. I'll be missing Rija's last birthday with us. Which is, very very depressing. And inshaAllah I'll be back by almost 3rd. InshaAllah.

Sibgha taught me how to put eyeliner. She's 14 and I 17. I started using it when I was 16. I'm a girl who hates shopping too. Though, I'd love to with Rija and Nosheen. We then buy boxers. [H]

Last 22nd March here. Maybe ever. Haiye. Everyday passes. Time flies.

I've started reading My Sister's Keeper and apparently I love love it. It sounds like a very good book. Moreover, I always wanted to read The Time Traveler's Wife but 5 weeks in England, every library had it booked. Also, in Pakistan, none had it. Plus, my dad hates taking me to book stores. I buy endless. This year I bought almost 10 novels with only 1 read. Jodi Picoult. Amazing author. Keeping Faith. Amazing book.

Oh God. I miss Screwball from Iceland in Southall. Once I walked down to buy 2 packs. Each of 1 pound only and it was LOVE I tell you. Sneaking down at 2 AM, to have some and then OHMYGOD. I miss England. ='(
Raspberry lines and vanilla. With a chewing gum under. <3

Anyway, I be go now.

I was talking to my nano since the last 24 minutes. =D I LOVE HER. <3


  1. I love your Nano. :O Your Nano sounds like my Nano.

  2. I miss my nani.

    Khair, have a good roadtrip :)

  3. Man. XD. I'd LOVE to meet your Nano XD. =]
    Grandparents = Awesome. *wipes away tears*.
    And seriously...Time is flying =|
    ROFL. "Abhi exams k liyay prepare nae kia upar say Day of.." *hehem*.

  4. I want to read the time travelers wife as well! AND I LOVE MY SISTER'S KEEPER! And Jodi Picoult :D